No LJ for almost a week

I tried not to open my LJ for a week to save money for the Labor day sale! LOL and yeah, was able to buy lotsa stuff. nothin SM, but personal stuff such as shirts, pants, fall attire, shoes. Phew.. Yeah, stopping yourself from buying SM stuff really helps a lot with the real world. ^_^ I was able to save a lot this week, since I am now an apprentice photographer on weddings and small celebrations. Well, I'm not using my camera, lol the settings are screwed. I'm using the photographer's extra d200 Nikon Camera with flash and he's using his d300. Dang.. I wish I can afford that kind of Camera, all packed with the good stuff. But now, I need to stick with the one I have, and  i'm forced to learn how to change the settings and stuff. (which is  no fun) He said I need to get the know-how of my own camera to be a good photographer.. Well i was used to my point n shoot. lol and i do that to my canon dslr, point and shoot lol! Gaah.. searchin' for tutorials on the net as of the moment. ^_^
silly ol me

My Doodles :)

My old doodles.. some I gave as freebies and had the chance to save a photograph of them and some I doodles while at work and noone's looking haha! =]
I'll be uploading more since this is my way to divert my attention from grabbing all those SM!
I'm really not into coloring my art, i usually just use charcoal, pencils or even plain ballpen.
But i saw a coloring pencil on ebay so i tried coloring my doodles! =] not so good though, help me find a way to color them. like, what materials to use, brushes, or whatever.
Here are some, trying to find more! =] Enjoy...

Moon with MAmochan =]

Chibi Hotaru

Matured Hotaru




My Online Selling/Trading Post

This is where I will be posting my Sailor Moon and non-sailor moon items for sale.
Make an Offer to those items you like :) I am also willing to trade, here's my wishlist!

Please feel free to add comments if you would like to buy an item, Paypal  only :)


The items below are my friend's, she's starting to let go of a few stuff (saying she has matured... lol, although she doesn't wanna sell any of her Sailor Moon collections lol) Best Offer ^_~

D-N-Angels Lot of Cards
they are in the red carton case, in mint condition

Di Gi Charat LOT
I don't know what this is, but she demonstrated me what this are for...
the one with the green eyes is a hat, and the gloves and there's an unopened blue wrist band,
there's also a sealed towel with.

Card Captop Sakura LOT! -  $24.00 by iceminx
a keychain, and playing cards, the keychain was never used and really cute! the cards has so many beautiful illustrations.

Tenchi Muyo Keychain
mint =]

Naruto Lot
keychain and pin (it has two charms hanging, naruto and a bat =)

mint by bandai

Button Pins

tdunno what it's called, still has it's plastic

Full Metal Alchemist
it is folded. biggie poster =]

Gundam Seed Poster
they are also folded,

To those who will purchase, If you want a Sailor Moon Template for your Journal (backgrounds, banners etc) let me know! (available upon request) I can make you one for free once the transaction is over, as a sign of my gratitude! =] (it's also my way of getting used to web designing thru CSS codes since i need to work on several websites by the end of  summer, *excited!*)
[let me know which characters you want to be placed on the template =]

Feedback Here

due to high charges that paypal gives to sellers (2.49%), this will be added on top of the total purchase. please go here to calculate paypal fees:
Thank you!